Aquafresh Fortune Telling

Japanese people value cleanliness and brushing teeth morning and night is a standard practice. However, recent data shows that less people are brushing their teeth in the morning. Since the Covid19 pandemic in particular, more people are skipping their morning brushing because they are working remotely. This is a health risk bigger than oral hygiene because brushing teeth in the morning has benefits such as promoting healthy intestinal cell cultures and boosting the overall immune system.

A plan to motivate Japanese people to brush their teeth in the morning was devised.

Japanese are obsessed with horoscopes and fortunetelling. Practically every morning news has a segment on the day’s fortune to send people off with a spiritual pep talk. Aquafresh has come up with a special fortune telling method for Japanese consumers. Tell the fortune of the day by reading the shape and color of the first blob of Aquafresh toothpaste on the toothbrush. Users upload their Aquafresh blob on to Twitter and, instantly receives a reading of their blob from a renowned fortune teller. Aquafresh Fortune Telling is only available in the morning, from 6AM to 11AM adding fun to the morning brushing routine more.

Take a picture of Aquafresh on
toothbrush and share on Twitter.

Instantly receive a reading on the shape and color of the blob from a renowned fortune teller.

The days of gritting your teeth are finally going to pay off.
Toxic people are like cavities. Get rid of them immediately before they damage your wellbeing.
Today is the day you can have your cake and eat it too. Go for it!


Despite being a low budget promotion, Aquafresh Fortune Telling accomplished the highest engagement rate ever in Aquafresh Japan’s brand history. Aquafresh account followers increased by 215% and received 50,000,000+ media impressions resulting in doubled competitor brand switch vs annual average.